Our Leaders

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Most churches refer to their leaders as pastors. While Jesus has given some individuals to the church as pastors (Eph. 4:11)—or to translate the original word properly, shepherds—that is not the term used in the New Testament for local church leaders. Those men were called elders or overseers. We therefore believe the biblical pattern for leadership of the local church is by a plurality of elders under the oversight of apostolic ministry. The men called to this role must outwork pastoral care and exercise biblical authority in the life of the church. Gifting and Christ-like character are necessary for this task.

Elders & Wives


Ben & Angela Thorne

Ben became a Christian when he was twenty-two and spent much of his church life involved with traditional churches. He responded to the call of God to join Living Light Taunton in 2004, a year after the church was planted, and was appointed as an elder in October 2006.

Ben worked as an Environmental Adviser to farmers in Somerset for 32 years. After being released to work part-time for the church in 2007, Ben has now finished his farm advisory work and serves the church full-time. He and his wife have five children and currently live in Bridgwater to help in the pioneering work there alongside his eldership in Taunton.


Bruce & Hannah Izzett

Bruce was born in Zimbabwe and experienced the reality of God in amazing ways through the lives of his parents as they battled leprosy and worked in their local church. As Bruce grew, he increasingly felt called to ministry and began working full-time in church work as a young adult. He then relocated to England in 2005 and married Hannah.

They have three children, Sophia, Aisha and Reuben. Their home is in Taunton where Bruce serves the church, teaches music and plays in local bands.

Martin-and-Sheila Ledger

Martin & Sheila Ledger

Martin was born in Coventry. He spent much of his teen years in church, and studied bass guitar at Nexus AMM. He truly gave his life to God after spending time on the LLCC “School of Worship” program in the early 2000’s. 

Martin moved to Taunton to join the LLCC plant shortly thereafter, and was set in as an elder in 2022.

Martin works as a nurse practitioner for the NHS.  He and his wife Sheila have two children – Sienna and Ethan, and live in Taunton.